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02 October 2013 @ 10:57 am
Harry Potter: Liaison: #1 - Playing Hard To Get: DIY  
Title: Liaison
Author: mihnn
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairing: Hermione Granger/Cormac McLaggen
Word Count: 500
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC17
Warning: None.
Summary: No matter how she tried, Hermione couldn't deny that she was attracted to him.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter
Author's Notes: None.
Prompt: 1. Playing Hard To Get

Hermione decided too late that she shouldn’t have been drinking the pumpkin juice that was made especially for the students who had attended Slughorn’s Party.

The hint came in the form of thinking about her date in a most inappropriate manner. She had always found him attractive, but her thoughts had never been so… carnal.

After her second drink, Hermione decided that avoiding him was in her best interest. And so she did just that, by searching for an empty alcove where she was hidden well under the cover of darkness. What she didn’t expect was for her date to find her.


She jumped as her heart beat a mile a minute. “Don’t do that!”

“Sorry.” He didn’t sound apologetic, although his arm went around her waist to hold her against his chest easily enough.

It took a moment for her to calm down, and once she did, she tried to escape for her own sanity’s sake. “I really have to g—“

“Missed me?” he breathed the words against her ear, causing an unwanted tingle to travel up her spine.

Hermione didn’t say a word, suddenly aware that his other hand was rubbing slow circles from her waist to the top of her thigh. “Um…” She really should have stopped drinking the pumpkin juice sometime ago. She wasn’t coherent enough for this. “Cormac…”

The arm around her waist loosened, letting his hand run lightly over her stomach as his other hand let long fingers rub up and down her bare arm. His nose nudged the back of her ear, his lips barely brushing the base of her neck. “Has anyone told you how beautiful you look tonight?”

Hermione’s breath quickened just as she felt his thumb rub the underside of her breast.

He exhaled against the back of her neck, his warm breath ghosting over her skin and causing her body to tingle all over. She barely noticed that his hand was under her skirt until she felt his thumb tracing the edge of her knickers. She squirmed against him when his touches went no further.

If anyone asked, she would deny it completely, but at that moment, her hand met his under her skirts and she led his fingers to the spot between her legs where she was too wet to even consider leaving.

Her legs parted as his hand pulled aside her knickers and rubbed against her expertly until she was panting against him. His teeth grazed her ear just as he pushed a finger in her, thrusting slowly, his thumb stroking the bundle of nerves wonderfully. Hermione trembled and squirmed against his fingers, her eyes closing and her breathing becoming unsteady. When he added a second finger, she nearly cried out with his quickened pace. She wasn’t prepared for the quick release or the shudder that wracked her body after.

Blushing violently, Hermione pulled away as fast as she could, leaving him quickly and without a word.

She was definitely never going to speak to him again.