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06 October 2013 @ 10:36 pm
The Tomorrow Trilogy: My Little Secret: #4 - Discomfort During Sex: Table F  
Title: My Little Secret
Author: theun4givables
Fandom: The Tomorrow Trilogy
Characters/Pairing: Savin/Mitchel
Word Count: 2594
Genre: Erotica
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Language
Summary: Mitchel reminds Savin who he truly belongs to, now....
Disclaimer: They're mine. :)
Author's Notes: I needed to quench a thirst for this particular pairing
Prompt: Discomfort During Sex

Savin stares at me, those emerald eyes of his flashing with mirth as he looks away from me. Callahan sits beside him, his eyes on me, as well. They also flash, but in a different way. The slight scowl twisting his lips doesn’t suit him, but he manages to keep his voice steady as he fumbles through today’s paperwork.

As usual, Savin leads, his voice grating against my ears as he speaks. It’s interesting, how I can hate that voice one minute and in the next want to hear that same voice gasp my name, heady and unbidden. Callahan seems to notice my reaction, if the quirk of his brow is anything to go by. The two of them were always quite the expressive pair.

An attractive pair, even. The number of times I’ve fantasized about either one of them or the two of them together would make either one of them blush. Now, though, there’s no need for fantasies.

I keep my comments to myself as the Emperors speak. My fellow council members lack their usual insight today, and I’m not much in the mood to set them all straight. The Resistance gets what it wants no matter how I twist and manipulate the Council, now. I’ve already guaranteed their victory, even if Callahan has returned to fulfill his duties. Keeping my involvement with the Resistance a secret has been child’s play, but...

It would be best not to arouse suspicion. None of what the two of them have suggested is particularly offensive to me. Of course, Savin wants to push for increased troops and, of course once again, Callahan disagrees. An average day, no doubt. It’s not long before Savin dismisses the meeting, the rest of the Council filing out one by one. Callahan and Savin remain behind.

“Don’t you need to go home?” Callahan snaps, his blue eyes boring into me. His arms are crossed over his chest, and his glare isn’t remotely intimidating.

Savin glances at him, his eyes widening somewhat before he shakes his head. He frowns, his lips a thin line as he gathers up their paperwork. No doubt, he wishes to say something. His hands say it all, however, as they busy themselves stacking paperwork and twisting the cap of a pen on and off. I want those same hands all over my person in a few short minutes, but it’d be best not to have Callahan become aware of that, just yet.

“I’ll be heading home shortly, Callahan, yes,” I say, standing up from my seat. I straighten out my jacket before my hands fiddle with the edges of my sleeves. Savin’s eyes follow my hands’ every move, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t hide the way his tongue darts out over his bottom lip. Smirking, I keep my attention focused on Savin’s ex-husband. “I just wanted to ask if Bates here would like to join me.”

Callahan’s glare breaks, his bottom lip quivering as he drags a hand over his hair. His eyes shift over to Savin, who’s fidgeting with his tie. In just a few moments, I’ll be ripping it off him -- or, perhaps instead, I’ll be tightening it around his neck, cutting off his air all while my hands roam over that exquisite body of his. While Callahan’s is more to my liking, I’ve developed a taste for Savin’s that I prefer to quench as frequently as possible.

Savin seems to know this, too, a slight blush rising on his cheeks. His narrow eyes focus on some point in the distance, his throat constricting as he swallows. “I haven’t made any plans this evening, no,” he answers, avoiding Callahan’s probing eyes. He shuffles on his feet, his hands slipping inside his pockets.

I suppose that, despite making his choices quite clear to both Callahan and myself, he’s still nervous about acting upon those choices. Callahan’s eyes shimmer with unshed tears as he picks up the rest of his things and turns away from us. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Savin,” he says, his voice wavering.

Savin nods, his gaze following Callahan as he steps out the door, head held high even if his shoulders begin to shake just as the door closes behind him.

With that, Savin turns his head towards me. “You didn’t need to say that to him, you know,” he says, scowling. His hands move in a flurry as he gathers up his own paperwork and notes. “He’s still getting used to the whole thing. I’m still getting used to the whole thing --”

“He’ll adjust,” I murmur, approaching Savin. I trail my fingers along his arm. “He left you first, Savin. If he hadn’t given up on you prematurely --”

Savin’s scowl deepens as he slides his glasses back into position. “It wasn’t -- you have no idea what I did to him or why he left, asshole,” he hisses, turning on his heel.

“I do not,” I admit with a shrug. “Does it matter why he left? He left. You’ve since moved on. He needs to accept that.”

Sighing, Savin nods. He drags his fingers through his hair, pulling it behind his head. Once he’s done that, he gestures towards the door. “Did you really want to go back to your place?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course -- unless you would prefer your apartment. I certainly don’t have any preference.” A lie, but Savin isn’t aware of that. I would much rather make it quite clear to Callahan just who Savin belongs to, now, though I may have already managed that. If Callahan were to see us walking out of the Council Room together and heading back towards my place, that would be best.

Savin doesn’t say anything, not even as he scoops up the rest of his paperwork. He studies me for a moment, those emerald eyes of his flashing yet again as his lips curl upward on one side. Without any warning, he’s pressing himself against me, his thin body somehow overpowering me. Caught off guard, I stumble backwards and fall onto the Council Room table, gasping for breath as the wind is knocked out of me.

“How ‘bout we do it here?” Savin breathes against my throat. His teeth are already sinking into my flesh, threatening to leave marks I know he has no intention of leaving. Still, I writhe against him anyway.

“I would imagine that’d be against your -- your rules, Emperor?” I murmur, my fingers moving to undo the delicate buttons of his shirt.

“There aren’t any rules -- not anymore, remember?” he mutters against my skin. He looks up at me over the edge of his glasses, that hint of mirth back in his eyes. His own fingers tear mercilessly at my clothes, removing them swiftly. “I just don’t wanna wait to fuck you.”

I scoff at that. Of course he doesn’t want to wait -- and of course he had to use such rough language to describe his intent with me. Despite that, I make no moves to stop him. Should Callahan come back in here for whatever reason, he’ll get quite a show. So I rest my head back against the solid wood of the table and close my eyes, my fingers tangling themselves in Savin’s hair as he makes his way down my chest and towards my lap.

While this certainly isn’t how I planned these events, feeling Savin’s mouth wrap around my length and teasing it to hardness causes me to forget for a moment that I wanted him to submit to me. There’s always time for that later, after all...

I dig my nails into Savin’s scalp, urging him to swallow me whole. The man has virtually no gag-reflex and does exactly that, his throat constricting around me in ways that cause me to let out an excited gasp. It doesn’t matter how long he stays there, the sensation’s incredible, bringing me closer to the edge.

Savin’s all for teasing, however. A moment later, only his tongue is tracing along the underside of my length, lips and teeth barely grazing me. Most days, I tolerate it, knowing that I won’t get an orgasm out of our little adventures -- but as he said, there are no rules, anymore...

“Say it, Mitchel...” he breathes against me, causing me to squirm. “Say you want to be fucked by me -- those exact words.”

As he speaks, his hand slips between my legs, pressing against the tight ring of muscle I know he wants to enter. His fingers ghost along it, just as he takes only the tip of my length in his mouth. My breathing’s gone ragged already, my hips thrusting upwards to force more of myself in his mouth.

Savin chuckles against me, one fingertip now barely inside me. I know he won’t move any further until I speak. “I want --” I cut myself off with a moan as he slides his mouth all the way around me for one teasingly slow bob of his head. “I want to take you, instead,” I say instead, lifting my head to smirk down at him.

If it were possible, Savin’s face flushes even more than it already has from lust. “Oh?” he says, pressing his lips to the base of my length. That finger of his slips even further inside me, stretching me. “Seems that your body says otherwise.”

If I were him, I’d have glared at him in response. Instead, I simply pull myself up into a sitting position, taking hold of him by his tie that he left gracelessly hanging from his neck. I grab him, forcing him onto his feet and capturing his lips with my own. Like he had done to me earlier, I push him down onto the table, straddling his hips as my mouth ravishes his body.

He lets out a startled yelp, his body tensing and relaxing all at once as I strip him of the rest of his clothes -- all but his tie, anyway. He seems to notice, pointing to it when our eyes meet as I kneel on the floor in front of him. “Why’s this staying?” he gasps, his nails raking against the table as I tease my tongue along the head of his erection.

“To make it easier to control you, Emperor,” I murmur against him. I don’t tease his length for very long, instead moving my mouth further downward and pressing my tongue against his entrance. Savin doesn’t say anything in response, just moans and wraps his legs over my shoulders, just like a woman would.

“C-Control me how?” he asks, his body shuddering against me as I continue pleasuring him. Discovering that he quite enjoyed this particular activity -- that he essentially becomes compliant with any of my requests, the second my tongue is against him like this -- has come quite in handy, these past few days.

I pull my mouth away from him, thrusting a finger inside him without any warning. He lets out a pained cry, but relaxes against me quickly enough for me to slide a second finger in him moments later. “Would you rather I show you how, or tell you?” I breathe, kissing his stomach and then his neck as I straighten myself out. “Either way, you will need to turn around. I want to --” I pause, considering my word choice as I remove my fingers from him.

“You want to...?” he prompts, turning so that he is in fact, bent over the desk, his backside now pressing against my front and tempting me. He glances at me over his shoulder, his face scarlet yet again as he awaits my answer.

“I want to fuck you,” I say, smirking at him. I find his entrance yet again with my fingers, forcing them back inside him. He yelps again, his reddened face turning almost purple at my words.

“Fucking -- fucking Christ, Mitchel -- hearing you say that --” his words devolve into pleasured moans as I intentionally search for his spot. “Please,” he gasps, squirming against the table.

I remove my fingers yet again, this time lining myself against him. I lean in close, reaching around his front and searching for the loose end of the tie. As I move it so that the tie now rests against his back, Savin practically forces himself around me, the first inch of me slipping inside him. I wrap the tie around my hand and pull it back, and he lets out a strangled noise, his body tensing around me as he searches for breath.

That’s what it’s for,” I breath against his shoulder as I let my grip on the tie go slack. “Misbehave, Savin, and I’ll do it again.”

Savin laughs, his body shivering against mine. “It’s -- it’s not gonna be much of a -- a punishment,” he says with a snort.

“Oh?” I press another inch inside him, taking hold of his hips as I watch his entrance swallow part of my length. Watching myself penetrate another causes my breath to grow short and my heart to pound -- makes having control that much more difficult. With Savin, I don’t mind losing that shred of control -- to be honest, I’m not sure I ever had it with him, in the first place. “You like being strangled, then?”

Savin’s breath catches in his throat, as if the very idea excited him far more than I ever realized. Smirking to myself, I wrap the tie around my hand again and grip his hip tightly with the other. I force myself into him the rest of the way, all while tugging back on the tie. Just enough to show Savin that I mean business. The way he struggles against it -- the way his body moves along my length -- it’s incredible. Delicious, even.

It’s not long before I’m thrusting in and out of him with all of my might, listening to his gasps and moans grow louder and lapping up the little whimpers that let me know I need to ease up on the tie. Savin’s control seems to snap as he moves his body in time with mine, urging me under his breath to move faster or take him harder.

My lips are on his shoulder, teeth dragging against his skin as I moan against him. As close as I am, and the way his body tightens around me, I know he must be close, too. I let go of the tie entirely and wrap my fingers around his length. Savin comes with a sharp cry, his body tensing and pushing me over the edge, as well. We collapse on top of the table, covered in each other’s sweat and other fluids, panting and unable to move for a moment.

It’s only then that I hear the door to the Council Room open -- or close, I’m not entirely sure which. Hopefully, it was only Callahan who saw anything, otherwise Savin and I will have to explain ourselves.

Though it might be best not to tell Savin what I heard, least he become distraught over the information. I’d rather not have that. When he turns around in my arms underneath me and pulls me down for another, softer kiss, I realize he hadn’t heard a thing, after all.

It’ll just have to be my little secret.