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This community will deal with explicit adult concepts, you must be of age to view such content. I do not, nor does any member here, wish to be held accountable if you see any content on this community that was not appropriate for you to see. We have guidelines below, make sure you read over them before you do anything first.

- The first and foremost: be kind and considerate to fellow mods and members.

- There will be no flaming what-so-ever tolerated. Everyone has a preference, it may not be yours, but it is some one's.

- You must join the community to be able to post and to read posts. You do not have to have your full birthday showing in your profile, but if you abuse this and we are given a reason to think you are underage, you will be banned. As I've said, we will not be held responsible.

- Written fan works have to be at least 100 words, there is no maximum word limit.

- Written pieces must be complete before posted to the community.

- We allow AUs, crossovers, RPS/RPF, original and whatever else you would like.

- Your claim must be approved by a mod before you can begin posting.

- Each work must be your own. We do not stand for plagiarism.

- If you have any more questions not answered here, then please comment HERE.

Claims / Prompt Tables:

STATUS: Open for Claims

- We have 27 prompt tables with 10 kinks each. Twenty-six of the tables are pre-filled with prompts and one is a Do-It-Yourself, for those that wold like more of a custom table without triggers or squicks. The reason there is only 10 prompts a table is that I saw that 30, 50, or even 100 prompts were too hard for me to fill.

- You will be required to sign up for a table before you can start posting. Do that HERE.

- You are allowed two claims at a single time, if you so wish. For tables, prompts and sign-ups, see HERE.

- Full list of claims can be viewed HERE.

- Only 1 prompt per piece of work.

- If a piece can combine a prompt from this one and another from a different community, it is allowed only if the other community allows it.

- If you have completed your claim, please comment HERE.


- When posting, use this subject heading:

Fandom: Title: Prompt#: Table

Supernatural: You Missed the Turn: #1 - Restraints: Table A

- Entries must have a heading, please use the following:

- No fake-cuts. Works must be posted to the community and placed under a lj-cut. Please see HERE if you do not know how to make an lj-cut.

- You can post your work anywhere, it is your work, but we would like a copy housed here in the comm. Crossposting back to the comm is very lovely.

- Do not worry about tagging your entries, mods will take care of that for you.


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If you would like to affiliate with us, pleas PM kryss_delrhei or comment HERE.


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